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Watches for men & women made of leather! May 07 2015

Perfect your punctuality with a new watch! Find a wide array of watches for men and women


Beauty lies in diversity and contradiction that exists naturally in the human race. Imagine living among people who are exactly like you. Embracing uniqueness and diversity in human existence, we have created a brand which enables you to wear something that depicts your individuality. United Split is home to a wide assortment of men's watches of leading watchmakers, making it a great resource for those looking for an everyday timepiece as well as dedicated collectors. Despite the wide range we offer, we ensure that every product has excellent quality and make our customers happy. Advocating diversity, there is no diversity in the quality of our products! Each product is made with a mix of innovation, creativity and hard work to ensure a fruitful outcome.

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Within our selection of men watches from trusted, well-known. Whether you're looking for a relaxed weekend style, a sophisticated chronograph, or a sports diving watch, it's easy to dig deeper into our site to find a suitable option. Browse by style, see newcomers or quickly narrow the field to filter by brand, customer appreciation, price, keyword and other factors.

Men's watches are often sought after gift item, and we are ready for all holidays with stylish picks for dads, grads, children, colleagues, collectors, and much more. In addition to watches, we also stock watch accessories designed to keep watches in top condition. Best of all, you can shop for watches with United Split with confidence.

United Split is an international leader in the fashion and luxury designer timepieces. A dedication to customer service lets United Split to refinement, to provide fashionable style advice and knowledge to watch enthusiasts around the world via online purchase. We offer quality to our customers in the most reasonable prices in a unique and new style of watches.

Quality affects a company in a variety of ways, from productivity and profitability to customer satisfaction and public perception. In addition, quality affects the overall operating costs of a company. Focusing on quality helps keep a company strong in all areas. Our company provide you an efficient and quality product to you in economical way.


Leather bags for women and men April 28 2015

A handbag, also purse, pocketbook or pouch in American English, is a handled medium-to-large bag that is often fashionably designed, typically used by women, to hold personal items.


Quality over quantity – we choose our leathers based on what is best for our customers. We use quality leather that doesn’t break from wear over the years. These days most bags are actually made quite well. The actual difference is in the quality of the materials and fittings used. We use high-quality materials

Customers are welcome here for shopping handbags for both men and women because a lot of purse style and design are available according to the buyer needs. Our handbag color, size and other features attracts the consumers to them. Buyer can purchase the bags through online in most economical prize. We offer quality for the buyer to save money.



Customers want to think about which purse or bag features are important to them before they shop. Problems can occur if buyers impulsively purchase handbags based on shape, color, or size alone, and forget some features that may be important to them, such as external zippers or comfortable strap widths. We provide handbags of standard size, quality material, attractive color, and different shape and styles. Quality affects a company in a variety of ways, from productivity and profitability to customer satisfaction and public perception. Our company provide you an efficient and quality product to you in economical way. You’ll enjoy by purchasing our things in sale we offer in these days and you can save a lot of money.


Ties and suspenders April 24 2015

Ties and suspenders

We live in a society where certain fashion trends are set by certain people we are hardly ever aware of!
Why not create our own trends and entertain the fashion industry with our uniqueness?
Custom ties, personalised scarves and embroidered epaulettes are a great way to bring together your corporate uniform, and add a professional finishing touch to your employees' look. We endorse the capability of a person’s clothing to make him look and feel unique. While clothes represent both the evident and underlying personality of a person, our clothes will make you embrace your individuality in the crowd. We know how every person wants to represent his personality in a way not everyone else can. Everybody wants to look out-of-ordinary. We want every person in this world to be happy the way he wants to look without considering major trends as an opposing factor to his individuality.
At UnitedSplit we create customized clothes which are available in a few numbers of products. This way we preach individuality! We want to make sure you feel completely unique and different from everyone around you. We offer a huge selection of ties and epaulettes, in both standard and clip-on styles, and an array of scarfs and epaulettes, ensuring that any workforce can look polished, coordinated and professional. All items come in a variety of colors, types etc.
Quality affects a company in a variety of ways, from productivity and profitability to customer satisfaction and public perception. In addition, quality affects the overall operating costs of a company. Focusing on quality helps keep a company strong in all areas. Our company provide you an efficient and quality product to you in economical way. You’ll enjoy by purchasing our things in sale we offer in these days and you can save a lot of money.
Browse our tie, scarf and epaulette, to find the perfect finish to your corporate uniform. Our customer services team will be pleased to help you with your selection.
come in and take your time: http://unisplit.com/collections/Ties

How to Match Your Wallet - to Your Style! July 30 2014

Learn what distinguishes a boy from a man

There comes a time when you take the step from being a young lad to a grown man. In this major transitional phase, you’ll need to check one very important thing – does your wallet express the feeling of professionalism from others? That Velcro wallet with the big logo on the front of the wallet was created for boys. It’s time for you to join the big boys; the first step of the many to your journey of manhood.

As you continue to read, keep in mind that wallets have all kinds of labels like, “high quality leather,” but they offer a fraction of quality you’re looking for. So how can you be sure that what you’re getting is worth your time, money, and most importantly, your image.


Let your wallet speak for you

Imagine if you had such a wallet that immediately demonstrated your high level of professionalism and class. You’re probably wondering, “what kind of wallet would that look like?” So your first step is to understand what exactly makes someone think that way about a wallet: 

As you read, compare your wallet with the components that make a “quality” wallet, and ask yourself if your wallet fits this imagery:

  1. Style – one that fits you and says a lot about you. For example, for a professional look, you would want to buy one that would propel you to look at someone with the same wallet the same way. A wallet can also be fitting for today’s lifestyle – one that shows your taste compared to today’s modern fashion trends.
  2. Durability; a key quality in almost anything you purchase, but how can you tell if it’s durable? For the sake of this discussion, let’s use another example: a typical leather wallet is made from full-grain leather, a type of untouched and pure leather designed to withstand all sorts of temperaments – getting wet from the rain, being left out in the sun, dropped, jammed between things, or thrown around. Now that’s quality that guarantees durability.
  3. Practicality is a fairly straightforward characteristic. Sometimes you’ll have a lot of bills to carry around or you’d like something that can sustain the amount of cards you might have, so you need something that can fulfill both of those scenarios, big or small wallet; it’s got to be practical for each situation, can your wallet do that?
  4. Lastly, if you could have a comfortable seat or an uncomfortable seat, which would you choose? In all cases, you need something that is comfortable, but easily accessible from your pocket.

So now that you know what to look for in a wallet, wouldn’t you agree that you need something like this in your life? Now, the next question is how do you decide among all the different options out there? An excellent question.


So many choices, so little time

The most popular type of wallet to own is a bi-fold. Look for full-grain leather bi-fold wallets, they’ll be worth your money. Another type is a tri-fold, pretty self-explanatory.

Other types are a travel wallet or a checkbook wallet – these are designed to fit in your pocket easily. The travel wallet to carry your airport documents and the checkbook to easily slide in your pockets.

Another unique type of wallet is a money clip – one of the simplest wallets available now to hold your cash as well as cards and identification. It’s designed to be carried in the front pocket for easy access with its light weight.

The last type of wallet is a wallet adjusted to fit modern lifestyle – a phone wallet. These come in different types, such as a phone wallet/case, which covers the phone as well as holding your needed cards and identification. And another is a newer style with the card and identification holder in the back of the wallet. With today’s digital and technological age, users don’t need to carry around cash as much as they use to anymore. So yes, you have a variety of choices, but if you’re always on the go, you might want a phone wallet. If you hate having too many things at once, a money clip or bi-fold would suit your need. Remember…


Your choice affects your future

I bet you’re looking at your non-leather wallet or unstylish wallet, realizing that it’s time for a new look. So make the choice today and treat yourself to a wallet that help you achieve a level of professionalism and manliness. There are brands out there that offer what you need – we suggest you take your time and research.

So what kind of wallet do you prefer? Comment on the blog and let us know how suits your lifestyle.


The Problems With Swollen Wallet July 13 2014

If you’re like most men – and even women – it’s possible that you’ve filled your leather wallet to the brim. Between credit cards, pictures of your family, cash and other important documents, it’s not unlikely for us to have overstuffed our leather wallets, giving us a case of ‘swollen wallet’. Now, this may seem like an irrelevant topic…until you consider the damage that ‘swollen wallet’ can do. It’s not just ruining the quality of your leather wallet…in fact, it can be affecting your health.

If you’ve ever been sitting for a sustained period of time and, upon getting up, have had severe hip pain, it’s possible that your wallet could be contributing to the problem. What you may not know is that there is a condition that’s actually referred to as Wallet Sciatica (professional term being Piriformis Syndrome). It seems from having too much ‘padding’ in certain places and lacking it in others, meaning that your body is getting uneven amounts of pressure which makes it easy for a pinched nerve to emerge. Sitting for a long time on your swollen wallet – or really any uneven surface for that matter can result in Wallet Sciatica.

Now that you know about wallet sciatica, here are some helpful tips on how to avoid it to make sure that you not only protect your precious leather, but your back, hips and nerves!

Don’t sit on your wallet: It may be natural for many of us to just stow our wallet where we always have as force of habit, and for the most part, this is okay. But when you’re on a long drive, an airplane ride, or doing another sustained sitting activity, you want to make sure your wallet is not in your back pocket, but stored somewhere else that’s safe.

Thin Out Your Wallet: So many of us are guilty of not cleaning out our wallets. We keep everything – and we mean everything! – in our wallets, including things that do not need to be there. At least one a month, do a wallet check: clean out everything that shouldn’t be in there. Any cards or materials that you haven’t used in the last 6 months, take them out and store them in a safe place.

Find a New Place to Wear Your Wallet: After you’ve cleaned out your wallet, enjoy the fact that it’s super thin by finding a new place to stow it that won’t affect your back or hips. A front pocket, a coat pocket, a shirt pocket. If you can’t bear to have your wallet part with your back pocket, then do make sure that you take our advice above: make sure your wallet is as thin as possible and remove it when you’ll be sitting for long periods of time.

Take all of these steps will ensure that you not only maintain the quality of your wallet but that you maintain your health, as well! Your wallet shouldn’t be a source of pain (both financially and physically!). Take care to make sure that your wallet isn’t affecting your health for the worse.




United Split: A One Stop Shop for Leather Wallets and Accessories Find a Huge Range Of Collection to Suit Personal Taste May 05 2014

New York, 1st May, 2014: Leather products are a choice of many when it comes to accessories or wallets. They add style and are durable as well. The right leather wallet or belt combined with other accessories like bracelets can bring out the personality of an individual. United Split offers a huge range of collection when it comes to wallets, belts or accessories thus providing a better choice. 
Whether it is leather wallets, bags, belts or buckles a person is looking for, United Split offers all of them. Both men’s and women’s leather wallets can be found in different categories such as large, small and slim leather wallets, clip wallets or leather purses for women. Leather bags for laptops, shoulder bags, handbags, crossbody bags etc. can be found. One can also find a collection for women in terms of backpack bags, messenger bas, tote bags and leather clutches.
When it comes to belts there is a huge choice in terms of casual, elegant, western, standard, thin and wide leather belts for men. Leather belts for women and belt straps are also available. Belt buckles in different styles like western, casual, elegant, music, guitar, fire department, horse, eagle, gadget, animal, bottle opener can be found in varied colors such as black, brown, red, blue, silver etc. Belt sizing chart on the website offers the convenience to choose the most appropriate belt suitable for an individual. 
They offer leather wallets, bags, belts and accessories that can be paired up with different outfits to suit individual personality and the occasion really well. 
About United Split
United Split since their inception in 2009 has become one of the finest leather goods supplier and manufacturers. Their products are shipped worldwide and their idea of personal concept provides customers an opportunity to choose their own look and appearance. 
Media Contact
URL: www.unitedsplit.com

United Split – Huge Choice Available for Leather Bags, Belts, or Wallets April 15 2014

United Split – Huge Choice Available for Leather Bags, Belts, or Wallets
Find Style and Comfort Both
New York, 2nd April, 2014: Leather adds to style and is durable as well. People use wallets, belts, bags and various other accessories in leather in their day to day life. What better place to find one of the finest leather items other than United Split.
Whether it is a leather wallet, a bag or a belt for a man or a woman there is a wide range of collection with United Split that offers choice in different colors and designs. One can find leather wallets for both men and women in different styles such as western, elegant and casual in varied colors that include black, brown, grey, red and blue. There is choice available in terms of slim and small wallets, bifold and trifold wallets, and credit cards wallets.
Genuine leather bags can be found for both men and women as well again in different styles such as western, elegant and casual in various colors and designs suitable for various purposes like an evening party or an official meeting or travel as well.
Leather belts, belt buckles and other accessories can also be found in western, elegant and casual styles that can be worn according to the occasion and can be added to the wardrobe for a stylish look. The belt sizing chart on the website helps an individual choose the most suitable belt.
Their products are shipped across the world and they offer utmost customer satisfaction. Apart from product warranty they also offer money back guarantee in case the customer would like to cancel the order.
About United Split
United Split established in the year 2009 works with the purpose of providing real leather products with good quality to customers internationally throughout United States and Canada, London, Paris and Asia. Their idea of personal concept allows customers to choose their own look and appearance.

Leather Belt April 10 2014

Leather Belt


Leather belts are an attractive and popular clothing accessory that is worn by both men and women. Belts can be worn with all kinds of outfits to give them a special look or can be used for practical purposes such as holding up the wearer’s pants. Leather belts are classic types of belts that always seem to be in style. You can find them in many different colors and types.


Men and women of all ages love leather belts. They are very versatile and can be worn with many types of clothing. From basic black leather belts to fancy leather belts covered in colorful metal, these are worn with coats, dresses, pants, and jeans every day. Leather belts are practical too because they can last for several years if they are well taken care of and cleaned and stored properly, as leather has special needs when it comes to keeping it clean and supple.


Types of Leather Belts


Some leather belts are simple, like buying a black leather belt with nothing fancy on it just so your husband’s pants will stay up or purchasing a basic snap-on leather belt. However, some can be very fancy and made of more expensive materials like suede or full grain leather or have decorations on them like jewels or pictures painted on them. 


Leather belts are made of all different kinds of animal skins. There are belts made of alligator, crocodile, or even ostrich, but the most common leather belts are made of calfskin. You have to be careful if you want real leather belts because there are a lot of synthetic products on the market. These look like leather but are made of cheaper materials.


Buying Leather Belts to Sell


If you want to sell leather belts, then you will want to know how to find wholesale leather belts so you can get the most out of your investments. The first thing you need to do is find a dealer of leather items. Many of these dealers will have leather belts made of all sorts of skins that will help you to fill up a store without paying a large amount of cash. Be sure the leather belts you buy are legitimate by buying from a reputable dealer.


When buying wholesale leather belts, sometimes they will go all for one price in a large lot and sometimes they will sell their items piece by piece. When buying these items, be sure that you have done your homework and know you are getting a price that will let you still make a profit when you well these leather belts in your store.


The bottom line is that leather belts are worn all over the world by both men and women for many different types of clothing. You can find leather belts for sale online and in many other stores that sell clothing or leather items. So, if you want to be in fashion for years to come, be sure to buy a few leather belts.