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Free Leather Care and Keeping Guide
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Care about your leather

Sick of your leather looking old and worn out ?

If you have spent your hard earned money on leather items, you know firsthand that they are indeed an investment. The one question we always here, whether our client owns a leather bag, wallet, belt or purse is "What is the best way to care for my leather?".

Our guide can help make your old leather look like new again!

Make your leather look as good as new

  • How to store leather
  • How to make it look brand new again
  • How to deal with stains
  • How to eliminate odors from your leather items
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Almost always, you can save your leather goods
While you may not think about it, leather materials can be stained. Don’t think your timeless item is ruined, though. Stain removal is possible even on leather items.
Frequently asked Questions:
  • Why do I need the guide?
  • With proper care, your leather item can virtually last forever.
  • How will the guide help me?
  • The guide explains how to clean and care for your leather as well as treat stains.
  • What will the guide provide me?
  • The guide will give you the most important rules on keeping your leather in good shape and how to make it look like new again.