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slim your wallet
Before entering the process, it is important to understand and change the current situation, and start dealing with the facts: your wallet is fat and it needs to go on a diet !

separations between the cards

Using separate pockets inflate and enlarge your wallet

saving receipts

Saving receipts is important, but shuld not be carried in your wallet


luggage storage

Coins, vouchers and credit cards stretch out the skin and destroy your wallet

Let's solve the problem together!

to do this, we remove everything from the old wallet and follow these three steps:

Daily cards

2-3 cards are for everyday use and
they should be stored in the most
accessible sleevs.

(credit cards and driver's license)

monthly cards

You need to create a bundle of all cards
used on a monthly basis, and store them
in one flat sleeve or pocket of your wallet.
as there would be less leather between
them, we reduce rhe volume of the wallet.
Instead of printing the invoices on paper,you can simply take pictures and save them on your smartphone.

This will help preserve the environment, and those receipts will never fade and will still be readable in 100 years.

Admit that you feel much better about yourself now...
It is recommended to maintain 2-3 coins in a dedicated compartment in your wallet with a zipper or a snap.

Multiple coins will inflate the wallet and change the original shape.

It is recommended to store the rest of the coins in the pocket of your pants, in a small compartmentin your car, in a drawer at home, or just to give us tips.
We design our proucts in such a way that does not force us to use and sew many layers of leather to maintain internal division. by doing this, the wallet is thinner and there is no air trapped inside the wallet.
In United Split, you can find a wallet according to your preferred fit, and one that suits your needs perfectly.