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Man Trifold Leather Wallet 41231

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Mens Fashion Leather Wallet Extra Thin Gray And Brown High-Quality Trifold (41231)

They say that behind a good man there is always a great woman. This is true.

But what about a man's wallet? Yea, that's right, a good man's wallet !

We do need a good wallet - No doubt about it. 

Hard to find? Kind of.

The perfect size? Kind of.

The right leather? Kind of.

So here is some good news:

We got it! 

We make it!

We believe in it!

The perfect size and the perfect fit. Perfect quality leather, with perfect final stitching, and all handmade!

Enough room for everything you need.

Did I mention a reasonable price?

No more loans for wallets, No More!!!

So… here you have it! 


Leather Type: Unique Napa

Height: 4.3" ~ 11cm

Width: 3.5" ~ 9cm

Warranty: 1 Year

Cards: 7

Extra features: A change compartment with a snap, 1 transparent window


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